Nursing & Health Sciences Building - Lewis Clark State College   Educational
Project Description

The new 61,506 sq. ft.
two-level facility features
six classrooms, one
computer lab that will used
as a classroom, seven
science labs, three nursing labs, one radiography lab,
and 33 faculty offices with
the space for 37 faculty members. There also some leisure areas with couches
and chairs for students.

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Design-build facility also called "Sacajawea Hall"

ZGA was selected as a part of design-build team to provide architectural design. This new building houses all of the college’s nursing and health sciences programs (nursing, practical nursing, radiographic science and medical diagnostic imaging) and the natural science programs that support them (biology, micro-biology, chemistry, genetics and biochemistry, anatomy and physiology). spaces for chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology biochemistry, instrumentation, anatomy and physiology.

The new equipment in the building will help students learn the latest technology and equipment, including working with life-like mannequins (called SIMs) that can be programmed to simulate symptoms of disease or illness.

The are
a outside the building allows for additional parking spaces and the landscape features plenty of new trees and plants, along with the statue.



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