726th Air Combat Control Squadron (ACS) Operations Complex   Government
Project Description

The project included the development of a 14 acre
site for a 6,996 square foot maintenance facility and a 24,057 square foot squadron operations building with
related site improvements.

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Anti-terrorism standards were incorporated into the site and building design

ZGA Architects designed and constructed the original 726th Air Combat Control Squadron (ACS) Operations Complex in 1994. Significant features include parking
for 77 GOV and 90 POV units, a state of the art technical pad equipment area with
67 ft. radar tower, an interior wash rack, CARC certified paint booth, secured weapon
and COMSEC vaults, vehicle/equipment maintenance bays with a 5-ton overhead
crane, electronic maintenance space, offices, classrooms and related support facilities.

The 2004 addition consists of two new two-story buildings for Supply/Services and Vehicle Maintenance, totaling approximately 40,500 square feet.  The project includes
all supporting facilities, including utility support, upgrades to the tech/radio tower and converter building, site work, fencing, landscaping, pavement and additional POV and GOV parking areas and new road access.



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