Idaho National Guard C-130 Aerial Port Squadron   Government
Project Description

The three buildings provide
a total of 50,200 square feet
of space sited near the flight line and the parked aircraft. 

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Operations Facility serves as the operations center

The new and remodeled 24,000 square foot Squadron Operations Facility serves as
the operations center for the Air National Guard’s C-130 mission. All mission tasks
such as flight coordination, mission planning, navigators, flight engineers, briefing
and testing occur in this facility. 

The 14,000 sq. ft. Aerial Port building serves as the air cargo preparation, training
area and administration space for the aerial port operation. The preparation area has
a 3-ton overhead bridge crane; a parachute drying tower; and parachute sewing, repair and storage areas. The addition of 12,000 sq. ft. to the C-12 Hangar for the Army National Guard’s Aviation Support Facility serves as the center of the Apache Helicopter mission. Functional areas include Operations with a direct site line to the helicopter apron, Flight Planning, Simulator room, Flight instructor offices, Briefing and Administration offices.

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