About ZGA

Steve Turney & Mike Simmonds, ZGA Principals

What We Do

As principals-in-charge, Mr. Turney and Mr. Simmonds are responsible for managing the design team and are actively involved in the design, programming, development of construction documents, and ultimately, delivery of the completed project.  Steve and Mike work hand-in-hand with the client/project stakeholders to ensure that the design and execution supports the project goals and objectives. They typically attend all project development and coordination meetings, manage the design team members, and in the case of the design-build delivery method, work closely with the general contractor to establish project parameters and scope that satisfy programmatic, economic and schedule mandates.

Even though projects may share similar natures, each client, environment, and set of project goals are unique; solutions are not pre-conceived. Steve and Mike believe that design excellence emerges through informed questioning, research, dialogue, and re-examination of accepted convention. Their objective is always to assure the relevance, usefulness, economy of an architectural response, and to define project attributes that elevate performance.       


Who We Are 

ZGA Architects and Planners, Chartered, has been providing comprehensive architectural, planning, design and construction administration services since 1973.  Our public and private sector clients return to us because they trust and value our dedication to providing solutions and services that reflect commitment, collaboration and creativity.    

Our clients’ priorities drive the fundamental characteristics of each project. Our practice has been guided by the strongly held principles of providing unmatched long-term service to our clients in concert with design excellence.      

We serve a wide variety of markets which include higher education, healthcare, corporate, commercial, government/military, historical preservation, industrial and multi-family housing. Our clients’ projects have included:

  • Feasibility studies and reports
  • Master planning,
  • New construction 
  • Interior and exterior remodels/additions
  • Code and life safety compliance evaluations and upgrades
  • Accessibility evaluations and upgrades 
  • Repairs and alterations 
  • Adaptive reuse
  • Energy conservation modifications
  • The restoration and renovation of historic buildings

The most meaningful acknowledgments are those which come from our clients and their satisfaction with our contribution to their efforts. Our achievements are measured by their success.

Challenging ourselves to be better at our craft is what energizes us and results in new approaches in our design responses to an ever-changing world. Just as environmental and economic conditions continue to evolve, so must our practice and our abilities. We strive to make the journey meaningful, beneficial, and fulfilling for those we serve. For us, that’s what the practice of architecture is all about.

Our Philosophy, Mission, & Values

Our studio is comprised of talented, motivated professionals striving to improve the quality of the places in which we live, work, and gather. We believe that regardless of project size, complexity, or budget, there is potential in every project to achieve something unique.    

We believe that design excellence results from innovative problem solving combined with exceptional service, and, most importantly, understanding the human condition. Our design process is based on achieving consensus through mutual understanding, allowing design solutions to evolve based upon the goals and values of the project stakeholders, both individually and collectively.

History of ZGA

⃝     1973 - Thomas Zabala (AIA), and Alan Giltzow (AIA), launch the business now known as Zabala Giltzow 

⃝     1976 - Arthur Albanese (AIA), joins the team, forming Zabala Giltzow Albanese

⃝     2001 - Michael Simmonds (AIA), & Steven Turney (AIA), become partners.

⃝     2002 - 2012 - Founding Partners Giltzow, Albanese, and Zabala retire from active practice.