Outstanding service develops lasting relationships   About ZGA
1973 company founded
by Thomas Zabala, AIA &
Alan Giltzow, AIA

1976 Arthur Albanese, AIA
joins team, forming ZGA

2001 Michael Simmonds, AIA
& Steven Turney, AIA
become partners

2002 Alan Giltzow, AIA retired
from active practice

2010 Arthur Albanese, AIA retired from active practice

2012 Thomas Zabala, AIA retired from active practice

Founded in 1973

ZGA Architects and Planners, Chartered is a professional corporation providing architectural planning and consulting services. Since our inception in 1973, ZGA has served hundreds of public and private clients with a team approach to the planning, design and construction of their building projects.

ZGA's  "leadership by-example" emphasis rests with a group of partners under whose guidance the firm has developed a closely integrated network of specialties, working as one entity. In this way, ZGA has proven itself in the management of our client's programs and project in terms of schedule, cost and performance.

Our ability to listen, understand and deliver a completed project that addresses
our client's unique needs is the cornerstone of our success and steady growth over
the years.


We empower our staff to take the initiative and when a mistake is made, learn to make it right. Our firm culture balances our design drive with mentoring, education, public service and a joy for our work and our clients.


Our mission is to be the architectural firm of choice for our clients by providing outstanding vision, value and client service which develops lasting and meaningful architect/client relationships.


ZGA believes that a successful project is the result of the client, architect and constructor working together as a team, each knowing and doing their job with trust and confidence in each other.
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