The Phase 1 portion of the ORTC was developed on an approximate 7.56 acre site at the Orchard Training area (OTA) and consists of a single story 16,761 sq.ft. dining facility and a two story 30,559 sq. ft. barracks totaling 47,320 sq. ft. Standard ORTC Design Criteria provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District were used for the buildings and the site was adapted to meet local conditions. Foundations were developed with spread/continuous footings and concrete slab on grade floors. It was assumed the structures would be constructed with CMU walls, brick veneer, pre-cast concrete second floors and open web steel roof joists and steel deck with standing seam metal roofs.

Also included are miscellaneous site structures, 250,000 gallon water storage tank and a 20’x20’ booster pump house. Phase 1 site improvements included drainage, xeriscape landscaping, etc. with design capacities sized for future Phase 2 and 3 development as envisioned in the master plan. Only protective measures required by regulation and only minimum standards required by Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Construction Standards are needed. Phase 2 - Finalized the Master Plan Report and an included a tabulation of all existing and required facilities, future development plans, project phasing maps and environment consideration document.