ZGA’s involvement in community-driven projects offers the widest variety of project types.

Examples include:

  • Multifamily Residential
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Community Centers
  • Churches & Worship Centers
  • Nonprofit Resource Sites

The design of interpretive centers and recreational structures requires an enlightened comprehension of public sites and resource uses and characteristics.

Whether it’s a place where people live, play, worship, or help others, there is an art to designing a project that turns a building into a community. ZGA’s architects are proud to be involved in projects that build communities and offer value to all who use the space.

Community, Recreation and Multifamily Project Gallery

With examples such as the Treasure Valley YMCA and the Hays Shelter Home, nestled just outside of Boise. ZGA has an exciting portfolio of community driven projects.

View our project gallery to discover the variety of community-driven projects.