This 2- story, 6,404 sq. ft. medical office building provides clinic space for a group of four orthopedic surgeons and is situated on a corner lot, a relatively small 0.39 acre property only 143 ft. wide and 124 ft. deep.  The zoning of the site required 20’-0” front yard setbacks, which occur on two sides due to dual frontages and 10’-0” rear and interior side yard setbacks.    

The landscaping compliments the building’s imagery with planter boxes reaching out from the building walls and extensive use of pavers along the street frontages which resulted in low-water-use irrigation needs  in a non-traditional approach that required considerable coordination with Boise’s Design Review staff to ensure zoning compliance. 

The building was elevated to provide additional on-site parking under the building.  This approach resulted in the owner incurring a premium to build on a very constricted lot but was deemed a reasonable price to pay for the location and optimal utilization of the property.  The owner desired a design aesthetic emphasizing a modern flare with very clean lines and sophisticated, unambiguous building materials which resulted in the use of prefinished metal siding to emphasize the horizontal lines at the parking level and aluminum composite panels for the bulk of the second floor clinic space.  The anodized aluminum windows and exterior sunshades create a striking effect against the aluminum wall panels.  Vertical elements, such as the elevator and stair towers, are finished with stucco, which provided a monolithic image that complements the other exterior materials.

The interior finishes continue the concept of clean lines with such elements as aluminum window sills to match the windows.  Entering the lobby on the ground floor one is enclosed on three sides by glass walls.  The elevator takes one to the waiting area above, which has a high ceiling and extensive windows that makes it feel very open.  The clinic includes a reception space that accommodates four staff members, eight exam rooms, an x-ray room, a procedure room for casting, a business office, a lunch room and a separate office for each of the doctors with large windows to bring in  north light and provide a view of the foothills.