ZGA was retained by the State of Idaho to program, design and provide construction administration services for the, 38,850 sq. ft. construction of the Idaho History Center. 

The Idaho History Center is the library, archive, and administrative facility for the Idaho State Historical Society. Phase II of the facility integrates with Phase I, the 30,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled archival storage area. Phase II of the facility incorporates all the needed support services of the Idaho State Historical Society and satisfies their needs for the foreseeable future. The facility provides a centralized location where the public can easily and efficiently access information and various collections related to Idaho history.

The building style is not specific to any particular time or period thereby providing a timeless architectural vernacular. Set at the base of the picturesque Boise foothills, the high-glassed lobby serves as a spine linking the two exterior plazas and marks the transition from the public spaces to the more secure areas and collections. The lobby provides opportunities for displays, changing exhibits, and serves as a multi-purpose event space.